Selection Guide
Choosing the heat trans system that’s right for you

STEP ONE: How many rooms do you wish to distribute heat to?

Each room you wish to transfer warm air to must have an outlet. We recommend placing an outlet in every bedroom. Please exclude the lounge in your calculations.

  1 Room       2 Rooms       3 Rooms       4 Rooms       5 Rooms
STEP TWO: What is the total distance from your lounge to each bedroom?

For example if you wish to distribute heat to two rooms in your home and the 1st bedroom is 3 metres from your lounge, and the second bedroom is 6 metres from the lounge, then the total distance is 9 metres. Please note: extra ducting may be required depending on the layout of your home and the roof space

  1-6 metres       7-9 metres       10-12 metres       Unsure
STEP THREE: Would you like to add a Summer feature to your system?

The Summer-Vent extender kit can be added to any Heat Trans kit which will allow fresh filtered air to circulate through your Heat Trans outlets in spring and summer

  Yes       No